Collection of where my work has been featured:

Google Trends

Motherboard [Danny Page] - Republished in whole. (With a more clever image, thanks to Emanuel Maiberg)

The Ringer [Kate Knibbs] - "You know what else started Google Trending during this time? Google Trends!"

Lifehacker [Eric Ravenscraft] - "As developer Danny Page explains on Medium, Google Trends shows relative search volume over time, but doesn’t show exactly how many people are searching for a certain term."

Fredrik deBoer - "For god’s sake, stop running Google trend stories!"

The Register [Gavin Clarke] - "It's a good idea to treat Google Trends with a pinch of salt."

The Telegraph [Cara McGoogan] - "But it appears that the number of people actually searching "What is the EU?" was minimal."

Expected Goals

Stats Bomb [Ted Knutson] - "Consistently creating fewer, higher quality chances lowers the variance in scoring output."

Front Office Report [Richard Whittall] - "This is an extreme example, but even when you bring in the idea of looking at xGs as revealing a range of probable outcomes for single games (as per Danny Page, not that he would advocate that necessarily), I think we’re risking reducing football to something that, well, doesn’t resemble football."

2+2=11 [@WillTGM] - "The importance of accounting for the differing outcomes when there are significant differences in the quality of chances in a given match."

Expected Goals Match Simulator

Paste Magazine [Richard Whittall] - "It tells us that it was the most probable outcome among a range of score lines based on the shot types."

One Short Corner [@oneshortcorner] - "Danny Page wrote this a while ago on expected goals. His xG simulator calculates the probability of a result occurring based on the xG value of the shots that occurred in the game."